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Known for its nightlife, entertainment and old-world feel, Old Town encompasses all of our favorite elements of Chicago. Easily accessible by public transportation, including two CTA train stops and numerous bus routes, the neighborhood also has well-traveled designated bike lanes along Wells Street. And one of our favorite things to do? Take a walk along the tree-lined streets filled with vintage charm.

Old Town holds some of my favorite memories—enjoying countless comedy shows at the world-famous Second City, perusing around the annual Old Town Art Fair and Wells Street Art Festival with clients turned friends, and running the Chicago Marathon through its historic streets.

Old Town style

Home to many of Chicago's Victorian-era buildings, Old Town includes some of the city’s best-preserved historic homes. The neighborhood also offers a mixture of vintage and new construction condos, high-rises and multi-million dollar single-family homes. As the community has edged west in recent years, new development is bringing moderately-priced housing to the area.


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