what does km actually do?

KM is a team of innovative, full-service home marketing and home buying experts with @properties. Think real estate agent meets 2018 and beyond. 

let's talk money. what are your fees?

Depends who's asking!

Buyers & renters are in luck as homeowners pay for our services, so nothing to worry about there.

Homeowners, let's chat! Marketing plans are personally customized and unique to each home.


i'm so overwhelmed with real estate info. it makes no sense. help.

Don't worry--you're not alone! There's so much info out there that hardly makes sense, but fear not. Pop over to our blog, The Chicago Homewhere we break everything down. We got you.

"help me, i'm poor."

Talk to a mortgage lender or financial planner! Maybe even check out r/personalfinance -- whatever you need to do, let us know if you need any help.  We have a team of experts for this stuff, internet stranger. 


When should I reach out to you?

Honestly, whenever you want! We love a good chat.

If you're thinking about buying, reach out to KM about 6 months before, so we can figure out your financing & wish list. 

Selling? As soon as possible please. We're all about making sure your home is perfect prior to going on the market. 

Renters--let's chat about 90 days before your lease ends. We'll want to fine tune your wish list and prepare for the competitive market. 


do you work with homes that aren't "#instaworthy." 

Duh! Just show us what we're working with--we have a plan for every home and budget.


after the sale...is it goodbye?

Of course not! As we grow and change, so do our homes. Whether you have questions on a great neighborhood spot or if it's time to find a new home, don't be shy!