KM Living | Comedy Night

I’ll be honest—I’ve been struggling lately. You know that tug at your heart when something is missing? Yeah, it’s been one of those times.

When I began my career in real estate, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. So, as the overused metaphor goes, I became a sponge by enrolling in training courses, going to the office & doing pretty much everything I could to one day (cross my fingers) become a top Chicagoland real estate agent.

After years of learning & doing, I could never really figure out exactly what I wanted to do though. I’d ask myself things like, “What is KM?” and “Who do you want to be?” To me, real estate has always been about so much more than just the sale, plus I couldn’t be the agent that just got their check & left—that isn’t me.  

While chatting with Joe one day, he suggested we start hosting home buying seminars. I laughed at him and straight up told him no (Public speaking isn’t my jam). After months of coaxing, I finally agreed to start Sip & Learn: Home Buying Edition.  

The events took off, but almost 2 years of monthly Sip & Learns later, I was still struggling to find that missing piece, even getting quite depressed about it. Then one day it hit me, I wasn’t having the relationships that I wanted. While I never felt like I could thank my clients enough for working with me, I also wanted to have a real relationship with them and others. Watching people’s Instagram stories just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

What better way to do that than by doing & learning new things together? KM Living was born.

We hosted our first event last Friday, KM Living | Comedy Night, and it was everything. Even though I had been sick with nerves worrying if anyone would even show up or if I could even bring myself to talk (yes, my fear of public speaking is extra), a bunch of you came out and helped make the event everything I could’ve dreamed of.

We laughed. We drank. We chatted. And, I really couldn’t have asked for more—I finally feel like I’ve found that missing piece.

I have so many people to thank for that.

To Conor Cawley for producing the show with me. (Check out his show Don’t Tell Comedy)

To all of the amazing comics that I’m still quoting jokes from: Maya May, Vincent Bryant, Jeanie Doogan & Erik Scott.

To Sarah Larson for the amazing photos.

To Industrious Fulton Market for letting us host the event & putting on a raffle for our attendees.  

& to all of you because without ya, KM wouldn’t exist!

To get in on the next event, check out KM Living.

What kind of things would you like to do? Gift wrapping classes or more comedy shows? Let me know in the comments below!