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#25 Wrigley Field Concert

"Hello, I've waited here for you..." 

Ok, ok I'll stop with the lyrics, but I adore the Foo Fighters and just went to their show at Wrigley Field. If you don't care, feel free to sit this one out or skip to the bottom around the "I don't care about your feelings" section. You do you. 

The untold story of my love for Foo Fighters...

Growing up as a 90's kid with a "young" dad was pretty baller. As an only child I spent a lot of time with my folks, and that included hanging out with my dad on the weekends while my mom was at work. Spending time with my dad meant a lot, and I mean a lot of music. And what kind of music do most twenty-something year old dads listen to? Usually everything a kid shouldn't listen to, so there I was every weekend soaking up all of the great 90's music like Soundgarden & The Offspring to name a few. We listened to so much music together that we would even test each other to see who could name a song's title and artist as quickly as possible--a game we still play to this day given the opportunity. Cue my love for music. 

As I got older, I started listening to more & more music and stumbled upon Foo Fighter's "Everlong." Even at a young age, I knew that song meant a lot to me, and as I got even older, the song soon stood for the type of love I wanted to find in my life. Yes, under these layers of sarcasm & candor, I'm a big romantic. (I'm rolling my eyes at myself too, don't worry.) And let's be real...that song made it to many of my burned CD's. 

So, fast forward in life and I eventually meet Jimmie at Sluggers (a story for another time, young Padawan). A few weeks into hanging out, he decided to play the guitar for me. Practically nauseated by the cheesiness, it took everything I could to not fall over dying. A few seconds later this guy is playing frickin' "Everlong." Game changer.

So, whatever I knew he was the one. We fell in love, and eventually my embarrassingly romantic self walked down "the aisle" to "Everlong" while in a traditional Indian dress. True story. 

Obviously seeing Foo Fighters in Chicago was a must, but then the most beautiful thing happened, they announced they were playing a show across the street at Wrigley Field. It was my first show at Wrigley, and I was hooked. Foo Fighters of course played every song I could ever imagine, and Dave Grohl had just broken his leg and sang to us sitting on his throne of awesomeness & still killed it. When I heard Foo Fighters were coming back to Wrigley again this year, I was one of those stressed out people staring at multiple screens to get tickets. 

But I don't care about your feelings...


I've been to a few concerts at Wrigley, and concerts there, even if you're not a Cubs fan, are something for the books. Greeted by the artist's name shining on the Wrigley Field Marquee, you can feel the electricity of the neighborhood upon arrival. No matter the performer, the rhythm of the music from nearby outdoor patios & the bustle of the crowd is indescribable. With performances ranging from Luke Bryan to Jimmy Buffet to Pearl Jam, Wrigley gets a taste of a bit of everything during the summer & early fall. 

As you walk into Wrigley, you quickly learn that you can still buy beer & hot dogs at a show, and people are lined up for 'em. Once you've grabbed your beer & seat, you finally realize, "Holy cow, the stage is on the field," along with hundreds of people who paid for General Admission. They of course tape off the diamond, but that makes it even more of a sight to see. Some bands, like Pearl Jam, prefer your more traditional stage, while Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters requires a runway for his athletic performance. Luckily, pretty much every seat is a good seat, and the acoustics are nothing to complain about. (I'm convinced Pearl Jam sounds even better live at Wrigley.)

Tip: If you have the option, sit in left field around the 204 area. For a middle of the road price, not only are your views pretty legit as it's one of the closest sections to the stage, but you also have a bar right behind you instead of having to wait for a beer vendor. Then, when the show is over, you can quickly walk down the stairs, hang a left & you're out on Waveland Ave. Oh, and it's partially covered should the weather stink. You're welcome. 

As for this year's Foo Fighter's performance...I'm still smiling just thinking about it. Seeing Dave be his true self on stage, running around doing something he truly loves in a place that's so close to his heart (Dave decided to be a rock star after watching a show at The Cubby Bear across the street from Wrigley Field.), you quickly gain another sense appreciation for where you are at that exact moment in time. Nothing like full circle, huh? 

Filled with guitar & drum solos galore, the guys killed it, going from song to song like there wasn't enough time to get it all in. At one point, Dave got on the drums & Foo Fighter's drummer, Taylor Hawkins, took control of the stage. After teasing the crowd with what was next, Luke Spiller, lead signer of the Struts, comes onto the stage to sing Queen's "Under Pressure," which was so good that I'm still getting goosebumps just thinking about it. While the footage isn't the best, you can tell they killed it in this video

Immediately afterwards, Taylor turns around to show the crowd his Cheap Trick shirt. If you didn't know, Cheap Trick, "One of the greatest bands to ever walk the fucking planet Earth," per Taylor Hawkins, is from Rockford, a suburb of Chicago. So out comes Cheap Trick's lead guitarist, Rick Nielsen, with a pretty sweet guitar (one of his signatures). With Dave still on the drums, Taylor sang while Rick graced us with his skills.

Things went back to normal for the rest of show, and they continued to rock out. People were dancing in the stands having a great time. Then alas came the show's end, but everyone knows there's always an encore. A night vision camera teased the crowd with inaudible footage of Dave mouthing, "1 more song?! 2 more songs?! 3 more songs?! OK, FOUR MORE SONGS!" The crowd erupted. Only these guys could get away with a four song encore, especially since Chicago's weekday noise ordinance begins at 10pm...we definitely rocked out until 11. 

I hadn't heard "Everlong" by this point, so I was convinced it just wasn't going to happen. "They've just had so many other hits," I told myself. Then, the last song of the night..."Everlong." Jimmie wrapped me up in his arms while grown men threw their arms around one other and everyone got their feels on.  Only the Foo Fighters...

Located at 1060 W. Addison, Wrigley Field is in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood.

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