The Beetle #312ThingsChicago

#5 A quick bite at The Beetle Bar & Grill

Truth be told it had been a minute since I'd last visited The Beetle, but a last minute showing in Smith Park left me wanting to stop by and see the old friend.

The place was unchanged. I even sat at my favorite table underneath the beautiful chandelier. I got to watch all of the pups walk past while eating one of the freshest and most flavorful vegetarian sandwiches I'd had in a long time--I had to let the bad boy cool off for at least a good 5+ minutes it was that fresh. Oh & did I mention there were waffle fries involved? Whether you're stopping by for a a local bite to eat with coworkers or friends or just for a late night of fun (ahem, Monday night trivia, anyone?), you can't go wrong at this favorite neighborhood staple.   

The Beetle is located at 2532 W Chicago Ave in Chicago's Ukrainian Village neighborhood.

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