Rooftop Deck #312ThingsChicago

#4 hang out on a Rooftop deck for absolutely no reason

The infamous rooftop deck.

I'm truly humbled every time I have the opportunity to stand on a roof deck. It's one of the only things that always chokes me up for a quick second (yes, I'm in love with Chicago that much). In the shot below, you're able to see everything from the Willis Tower to the Morgan Green/Pink Line stop & even if the view isn't as stellar, you're still able to view the city from a different perspective no matter what rooftop it is. 

As I had mentioned in a previous Instagram post, my husband and I were in desperate need of a break from our workday, grabbed a couple beers, just sat on the swings on the rooftop of Industrious & Quarters & enjoyed the views for about an hour. Nothing special or expensive, just some quality time with my best friend & our beautiful city. 

Located at a rooftop near you.

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