Meet the Guys Behind the Beauty: INDIRAP Productions

Property tour videos are gorgeous, right?! So gorgeous I always have house envy whenever I browse through them online. Plus I think we can all agree we enjoy them way more. Not only are they a lot more realistic in their representation of the property--remember all the times that room looked HUGE in the picture and when you got there it was like a closet--but I just like see pretty things, as I'm sure you do too. 

But have you ever thought about the people behind the camera? Or how do they even get those shots (spoiler alert: they will do almost anything to get an amazing shot)? Plus how do you even get someone to do a video like that that for you? 

Well folks, meet INDIRAP--KM's preferred video production company. These are the guys behind the beauty. I sat down with Nick Langlois, Vice President of Brand Management at INDIRAP Productions, to get the full story.   

Tell me about what you guys do and who you are.

INDIRAP is a full-service video production agency based in the great city of Chicago. We work with every type of brand under the sun to create high-quality videos that help them sell themselves, their products and much more!

All of our work is custom, so everything we do always comes back to your needs. What are you trying to do and who do you want to reach with your message in order to get that done? What do you want your brand to communicate? Do we need to sell a home, or do we need to produce an event highlight? Are we interviewing your company CEO, or do we need to grab interviews with random people on the street? Whatever the project, if someone is clicking to watch a video about your business, you have about 90 seconds of their attention. And, keep in mind, they’re going to compare what they see in that video to all other video content they’ve ever seen....ever. No matter what is shown or communicated, INDIRAP produces content that engages, educates and entertains that audience, and maximizes the chance that your video is going to do what you want it to.

What's a day like when you go out to shoot a property video?

Ideally, it’s warm, sunny, with not a cloud in the sky. Chicago summers are an excellent time to have property tour features produced because you’re able to get incredible exterior and drone footage on bright, sunny days. However, we recognize that it’s not always ideal outside, especially in this city. In those cases, we focus film capture more on the interiors of the property, and rely on some sunny b-roll that we’ve previously captured to show off the city and the neighborhood.

We’ll roll up to a shoot with 2-3 crew members who will handle the capture of all video and audio. Hopefully the homeowner or broker will already have the home staged and ready to be captured. We’ll do a walkthrough with them when we arrive to take note of all areas we need to capture (or avoid), and we’ll get to work! Depending on the size of the property and how ready the rooms are, we roll through the whole thing in about 1-2 hours.

After that, we upload all video and audio assets to our hard drives and we start organizing the content. We do a lot of prep-work with the brokers and homeowners ahead of time, so we’re able to get straight to work on editing. Typically the client will see a rough cut of the finished product within 24-72 hours after the shoot.

What advice do you have for home sellers?

My only advice to home sellers is to ask your broker what they can offer in terms of video. It will make your property more attractive and available to prospective buyers while also getting your home sold faster.

Think about all of the things that make your property unique and marketable. Everything from the custom finishes and amenities, to the number of rooms and size of the space, to the neighborhood, schools, restaurants, and area transportation - all are considered. No matter what is shown or communicated, INDIRAP produces content that engages, educates and entertains that audience, and maximizes the chance that your video is going to do what you want it to when a potential home-buyer wants to make a purchase. Video can neatly package together all aspects of a property that could help a broker sell it effectively.

And it’s just a fact that people are more likely to watch a video. If both video and static text/images are present on a website, people are 4 times more likely to click and watch that video. If you can use your 90 seconds to deliver the perfect pitch for why someone should live in your property, your chances of closing the deal go up significantly. Instead of your broker having to deliver that pitch 10, 50, or 100 times, that video does it for you - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What do you want home buyers to feel when they see your videos?

We want home buyers to feel engaged, educated and entertained by the videos we create. INDIRAP cinematic production style tells a story that home buyers will want to experience and engage with. We capture their attention, and we make it a pleasant experience for everyone involved. Everything from the way the viewer progresses through the home to how the shots sync up with the music and how the color, lighting, and audio are mastered is all a part of that. Our unique ability to create engaging content, no matter the property, is really something INDIRAP prides itself on.

At the end of the day, we want these videos to save everyone time. You want your home sold faster and the buyer would like the convenience of touring whenever they want. By the end of a property tour video, we want buyers to understand fully the unique benefits they could enjoy about your property, and we want them to feel like they got the full tour.

In this way, our videos help move the buying decision forward and increase the chances of that home buyer getting in touch with the realtor. More interested parties getting in touch with your realtor means better chances of your home selling faster.


INDIRAP understands cinematic storytelling when it comes to marketing a product or service. We’re able to elevate brands in a way that draws the fine line between what’s cool and what’s corporate. Anybody can shoot video content, that’s no secret. But making that video content look, sound, feel, and work the way you want it to takes a little something extra.

INDIRAP has created corporate video marketing content since 2010, so we’ve got that process down to a science. We are highly communicative, work fast, and the quality of our product speaks for itself. Our clients who have gone through a project with us and see the process firsthand, leave feeling taken care of and with their expectations exceeded. This is what we aim for with every project.

If you need to represent yourself online, have a product or service to sell, or want to show off your beautiful home to potential buyers, I’d encourage you to get in touch! We’ll be happy to dig into your problem and find any ways that we can help.