Play Ball, Home Buyer.


So, you've found "the one." Congrats! You're that much closer to waking up in your very first home. You can feel the energy of the crowd and hear the sounds of your walk up song. But wait..we still have a few more innings before the game is officially over!

If you haven't met me...spoiler alert: I'm a huge Cubs fan.

Try to think of buying a home as if it were a simplified baseball game--Team Buyer vs Team Seller, if you will. Up to signing a contract, you've already played a few innings of the game, but now you're in the top of the 5th...


Top of the 5th: The Initial Offer

You're up to bat and you've just submitted your initial offer. 1 run scored.

Bottom of the 5th: The Initial Offer

The seller comes back with a counter offer. Base hit.

Your team is able to get a few outs through negotiations. After a few more pitches, you eventually agree to a final selling price and get your 3rd out. Seller's side scored, 1-1


6th Inning: Inspection

Your inspector is now up to bat. Through his inspection of the home, he's able to find some things that need attention but overall the place looks great--you've scored a run! Seller's side didn't do much this inning, so no runs scored. 2-1.


Top of the 7th: Attorney Review

You've told your attorney what items you'd like fixed in the home. Double.

Now your pinch hitter, your attorney, is up and your inspector is out of the game. You score with a sacrifice fly. 1 run scored.

7th Inning Stretch


Bottom of the 7th: Attorney Review

Team Seller gets a run through negotiating what they will and will not agree to regarding the inspection items. Both teams agree to a final attorney review letter. 3-2.


Top of the 8th: Mortgage Contingency

Your mortgage contingency is the amount of time it will take the lender to confirm you will get your loan, so this may be a tricky inning.

Your appraiser goes up to bat to confirm the home is worth the amount you've agreed to pay. The wind is in your favor and the home appraises out! 1 run scored.

With the home now appraised, your lender is able to confirm the loan commitment. 1 run scored. 5-2.

Bottom of the 8th: Mortgage Contingency

With nothing to do this inning but wait, Team Buyer got a no hitter this inning. 5-2.


Top of the 9th: Clear to Close

A few days or weeks prior to the closing date, the lender will officially give the clear to close. Grand Slam.

Bottom of the 9th: Clear to Close

Team Seller is officially going to sell their home. 1 run scored.

Final Score: 9-3

You've won the game & are now officially a homeowner!